Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MEGA Bloks Get Armored Up For Iron Man 2

With the highly anticipated sequel launch of Iron Man 2, MEGA Brands has partnered with
Marvel to deliver hot new construction sets for Iron Man, allowing kids to build the superhero
themed toys that reflect the iconic Marvel characters and themes.

Hall of Armor - Welcome to Tony Stark’s top secret Hall of Armor, a 170-piece buildable playset where all of his armor designs are kept safe from prying eyes. On display are images of the armor suit designs and a sophisticated building and repair area, complete with a multi-directional repair arm run by Tony’s faithful computer A.I. “Jarvis”. With a cool movie-themed sticker sheet for accurate film detail, this playset includes a buildable Mark II and Mark VI, with
repulsor flames and 2 fly-wires, one integrated into the playset and a 3ft fly-wire for free flying action. This buildable Hall of Armor playset provides endless hours of building action like a moving repair arm and secret trap door. Age: 6+ $29.99 Available: Now

Whiplash Showdown - Recreate the iconic movie scene where Tony Stark in his Mark V armor goes up against Whiplash with this Iron Man 2 Whiplash Showdown playset! With 100 buildable pieces you can build and rebuild the Whiplash Showdown or construct your own Iron Man vs. Whiplash scenes! Construct Tony’s race car and hit high speeds to rush to the scene with “Pull-Back and Release” racing action! Whiplash’s battle walker is equipped with a missile
launcher that really fires and transforms into a flight pod to take the fight into the air! Age: 6+
$19.99 Available: Now

Tri-Armor Suitcase - When Tony Stark realized that one armor wouldn’t do the trick in fighting against evil, he created multiple armors for specific uses. The Tri-Armor Iron Man set includes three sets of 6” buildable armors – Mark II, IV and V – that contain a total of 46 magnetic pieces. All pieces are conveniently stored inside Tony’s iconic suitcase replica
right out of the movie. With its revolutionary magnetic design, each of the three Iron Man armors can be built and taken apart in seconds. All armor sets are compatible with each other, allowing you to build your own custom armors for any situation! The fully poseable characters are great to build, play and display! This set contains three different armors and one skeleton.
Age: 6+ $19.99 Available: Now

Techbots - The buildable 10-inch Iron Man and War Machine Techbots 40-piece set has all the key features a super hero needs. These action characters are great to build, play and display! Techbots are completely interchangeable so you can build your own custom armors for any situation! Each Techbot includes a real working launcher and an innovative display stand that allows you to display in standing, hovering or flying positions. Age: 6+ $14.99 Available: Now

Metalons - A collectible assortment of two 26-piece 6” magnetic buildable Metalons include Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine. Fun & easy building, allows for mix and match. Cool detail on the magnetic armor creates the perfect building toys to build, play and display! Age: 6+ $9.99 Available: Now

Buildable Vehicle Asst. - Create your own ultimate Iron Man adventure by assembling the 60-piece Mark III Jet Boat and War Machine Chopper. The Mark III Jet Boat is a special water vehicle great for high-speed chases. While James Rhodes may be the awesome War Machine, sometimes he just prefers to pilot his own vehicles - including his War Machine Chopper. Each buildable vehicle can be re-built into loads of cool alternate vehicles and includes a collectible Iron Man buildable character, a movie-themed sticker sheet for authentic film details. Age: 6+ $9.99 Available: Now

Aerial Attack asst. - Make scenes from Iron Man 2 come alive with the buildable Aerial Attack collectible sets. Build each of the 40-piece Ground Assault Drone Aerial Attack and Mark IV Aerial Attack scenes to get ready for battle. Use the exclusive flying action to make your collectible Iron Man character come to life. Each buildable set includes an action flywire,
exclusive parts and a movie-themed sticker sheet. Age: 6+ $5.99 Available: Now

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