Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Want My Geek TV

No, it's not an article about some enterprising media mogul finally recognizing the need for a SUPER MEGA GEEK CABLE CHANNEL or series of channels covering scifi, horror and super heroes respectively. We can still dream on that day. Today, we are talking about flat panel televisions suited up for the die hard Marvel Comics fan in your life. Ever dreamed of strapping a neon green 52 inch inch flat screen to your living room wall that adequately conveys your love of the jade giant? Have you written to Sony asking if they might adapt the rocky hide motif of the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing to 42 inch LCD? R2C23 has the answer to your dorkiest prayers. Whether you are looking for a conservative blinding yellow Thor deco, a slick black Wolverine to drive the ladies wild or the flames of Ghost Rider to show the man in your life just what heats you up, these guys have thought of nearly eeeeverything! I say NEARLY because the obvious is oddly absent. Where's the frakin' Spidey pattern?! Oh well. Time to impulse buy.

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