Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No, Thank YOU Mr Subway Etiquette Man!

Simple messages human beings should already know. Don't clip your nails on a train. Don't blast your music into those tiny little ear buds and sing along for all to enjoy. Don't pick your nose and then hand onto the pole. As we move quickly toward the future, we are turning into a pack of fucking animals lacking the common sense to NOT grab the ass of the attractive woman wedged up against us at rush hour, so obviously we need to be reminded of how a sensible, courteous, respectful human being should conduct themselves on those packed trains. seems to be the first to notice the string of awesome "customer service" adverts in the New York Subway System today, posted by artist Jason Shelowitz in the hopes our fellow man will wake the hell up and realize those little nicities we learned back in Kindergarten should carry us all through life. The real crime of this campaign is that the posters will not remain up. Instead of inflating the budgets of NY Government staffers another million dollars, how about kicking Jason a hundred grand and post these posters ALL OVER THE TRAINS?! It just makes sense.


  1. I've looked around but couldn't find any. I guess they took them down pretty quickly. BASTARDS!! ..and seriously, they are needed. I saw a very pretty asian girl on the train yesterday and thought about saying hi until she plunged her finger into her nose. Yeesh.