Monday, April 12, 2010

SDCC Exclusives: Mattel on G4

Attack of the Show took a trip over to Mattel's secret volcano-skull attack base where they hatch the most eeeevil of San Diego Comic Con exclusives!! Blair Butler knows pure evil when she sees it and could barely contain her geekgasms while on camera. Later in the week, we'll be seeing The Real Ghostbusters 8 inch MEGO-itized action figure of Peter Venkman, WWE's most dramatic Undertaker humanly possible and a 2 pack of Jake's Avatar VS the beat down Exo Suit Marine. TODAY, we have all different magic to share.

We'll start with the item which premiered at US Toyfair from the Masters of the Universe Classics line...torn straight from an episode of Robot Chicken. It's Molarr VS Skeletor! Molar will come with an arsenal of "weapons" to battle Eternian tooth decay, his dental floss "of doom" and is paired with Skeletor who lost a tooth in the ensuing battle and comes with his Havok Staff, Power Sword and half Power Sword. Brilliance. The packaging features Skeletor reclined and reeling from recent surgery and Molarr holding Skeletor's tooth aloft in victory. MUST HAVE!! This box set will be $40.00 both at SDCC and on after the show (no change to product). Mattel's Scott Neitlich adds: The pack out is truly epic as designed by Ray Makowski. It includes Skeletor's massage chair and magazine collection as chip art. Also features brand new bios supplied by the gang at Robot Chicken!

Also from the world of Masters of the Universe Classics comes Orko and Prince Adam! Orko has a color change feature when you drop him in warm water. His spell book also changes to feature the SDCC logo on the cover. Orko comes with his staff and a clear stand as well as the price who sports a change of heads to rock that awkward facial expression. Scott adds: The version sold on after the show will not be color change (on Orko or the book) but both version will include his stand, wand and book as well as a pack in Prince Adam with two heads (He-Man and new Prince Adam smirk) as well as a purple Power Sword and half purple Power Sword. The bio on the back belongs to Orko as this is his figure. Adam is his accessory! The only difference between the SDCC version and the version is the color change feature. $25.00

Plastic Man joins the ranks of DC Universe Classics and is JAM PACKED with attachments to re-create all of Plas's wackiest antics. From what we can see, you'll get a spring lower torso, big, flat, flappy hands for flying into battle, stretchy arms, a paddle ball attachment and a suitcase body to attach the head and arms too. As you can see, the suitcase opens as well. A THOUSAND TIMES MUST HAVE!! Scott says: Plastic Man will be on after the show, but the suitcase is only a gift with purchase at SDCC. $20.00

DC Infinite Heroes goes retro, reliving the classic battle between your core Justice league (minus Superman and Batman) and STARRO!! The pack comes with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter and a big bendy Starro to do tiny plastic war with. Each figure also includes little tiny Starros to slap onto their faces of 6 inch figures to make them the goofiest zombies comicdom has ever seen. When I get this, I will pet it for 3.2 hours before putting it on a shelf to stare at it for another 6 hours. What comes next is none of your concern. Scott adds: This pack is a recreation of the classic Brave and the Bold cover and features light and sounds as well as the voice of Batman actor Kevin Conroy. Each figure in the set has a recorded description just like a museum display with Kevin describing the origin of each character. It is an incredible package designed by Frank Varela. And as a bonus, only at SDCC will you get a polly bag set of four 6" scale Starro Spores that work with most DCUC action figures! The Starro Spores are only available at the show as a gift with purchase! $50.00

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