Friday, April 16, 2010

SDCC Exclusives: More Mattel with Avatar, WWE, Toy Story 3 and Real Ghostbusters

San Diego Comic Con is completely sold out..and oh so close. Those attending will be regulating their geekiness hourly as not to fall into spasms every time they see a hot girl in a Slave Leia outfit. It's a real least for me. G4: Attack of the Show's Blair Butler went all sneaksy hobitses and got a peek at all of Mattel's San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Round 1 (seen HERE) included Masters of the Universe Classics Orko and Prince Adam, DC Universe Classics Plastic Man, Infinite Heroes Brave and the Bold Justice League of America VS Starro and Molarr vs Skeletor. Now for Round 2!

The Final Battle: Avatar Jake Sully Vs Colonel Miles Quaritch - Comes in a diorama package with Jake leaping into the final battle against one ticked off marine who knows how to handle a bad ass exo suit. This pack features a new Jake head, all new decos and new accessories.

The Real Ghostbusters Retro Action Figure - EMCE, the masters of MEGO lend their talents beyond the world of DC for a visit to cartoon land. This figure features Peter Venkman in his "Citizen Ghost" episode outfit; the one episode where the crew wore their movie outfits.

From Toy Story 3 comes Lots-O-Huggin' Bear (aka Lotso) which appears to be flocked AND scented with strawberry goodness. Kids...don't eat him. His little cane is attached to his hand, as you can see in the pics.

Last, we get a look at The Undertaker in a highly requested outfit which he wore when fighting the Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania 15. You might think it odd that JAKKS never took the WWE madness to San Diego Comic Con, but maybe they didn't want the kind of backlash that will inevitably come with offering a brand new figure of the Undertaker exclusively at SDCC?! Let's hope they offer plenty on

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