Monday, April 12, 2010

SDCC Exclusives: Bif Bang Pow Takes on LOST

Lost 8-Inch Jacob and Man in Black - SDCC Exclusives - Fresh from the machines of the MEGO masters EMCE paired with the evil geniuses of Bif Bang Pow comes the retro action figure line for LOST as the series draws to its end.

If you've been searching for action figures from Lost, search no more. They're right here! Each fan-favorite character stands 8-inches tall in a retro action figure style. With fabric clothing and multiple points of articulation, these figures are incredibly authentic and lifelike. You'll want to discover them all! This remarkable set brings you retro versions of the mysterious Jacob and his equally enigmatic nemesis, the Man in Black!

Lost Claire Littleton Bobble Head - SDCC Exclusive - Claire is a pretty little Aussie. Claire had a beautiful little baby. Claire "dated" a hobbit....and then Claire went bat shit crazy. Ahhh..LOST.

Is that sweet, innocent Claire? Well she's not sweet and innocent anymore. Sporting rugged island gear and a shotgun, here's Claire with none other than her "baby" made of an old rotten skull and fur from dead animals. It's all she's got OK? The wonderful Claire Littleton bobble head stands 7-inches tall, is finely crafted of resin, and features superb detail that's accurate to the hit Lost TV series! And what's that thing in her hands? Limited edition of 1,500 pieces.

Hit the links to pre-order these San Diego Comic Con exclusives for pick up at the big show at booth #2343. A limited amount will be available for delivery after the show, so order now while supplies last!

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