Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zombies To Eat NYC

BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS. It takes brains to organize a propper zombie walk, and it takes evil rotting geniuses to organize one that mounts an attack of NJ zombies against the sleepy populace of a little town called New York City. Of course, when the goal is to reach George's a get the idea.

On May 16th the ombie infection spreads from New Jersey across the Hudson to New York! This Zombie Walk is 'flash mob' style; there won't be any makeup artists on hand so come dressed in your zombie makeup and ready to go! Corpses will gather at a secret location (to be revealed soon). Wait! There's more! George A. Romero HIMSELF is inviting zombies to attend the NYC premiere of his newest film Survival of the Dead immediately after the walk! The first 300 zombies to arrive at the gathering location and find the "ticket master" will get in to see the movie!

This Zombie Walk is open to all ages, but movie tickets will only be available if you're 18+ (Survival is R-rated). Tickets for the premiere are FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED! More details on the gathering location, how to spot the "ticket master", and info about a really awesome costume contest all will be announced soon! Sign up for the mailing list at for the latest updates

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  1. cool! we have our own zombie walk here in columbus, oh. too. the purpose is to raise food for the local food bank.