Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tron: Legacy Shenanigans Continue LIVE at Wondercon 2010

The crowd assembled outside was dense but not so much as to stave off the last remnants of Winter which turned the nervous geek dance of anticipation to the "ohhhh so cooooold" dance of displeasure. Soon enough, Bruce Boxleitner took the stage as his character Alan Bradley, kicking off the Encom press and fan event that announced Space Paranoids Online!! The (literally) immersive experience included mentions of the lost Flynn, causing outbursts of "FLYNN LIVES!" from the audience, a rush of the stage by "protesters?" waving their Flynn Lives t shirts and signs declaring the what end i have no idea...and a circling helicopter that, after the winds died down, dumped a sole jumper into the night sky who was later revealed to be......

Sam Flynn!!! Dun dun duuuun. Sources close to Flynn said the boy does this every year to commemorate the disappearance of his father. Hey..some guys drink. Who's to point a finger? Head over to for more pics of the night's insanity and stay tuned for more Tron wackiness...since we are still months away from the movie's release! December isn't too far awaaaaayeeeaaaaaayyyyy. Yes it is.

NOTE:: For those collecting all the TRON: Legacy viral swag, you can now add a Space Paranoids pin to your hunting list!

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