Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Downton Abbey Jewelry Available Now

The truth of the matter is, when a company takes on an accessory or jewelry license for a TV show or film, they are often producing products sold fairly cheaply at Target or Khols department stores, so it is refreshing whenever we spot someone going above and beyond to bring fans a little glitter from their favorite show and care to make it look fantastic. 1928 has been cooking up some Downtown Abbey inspired jewelry that remain affordable while looking amazing...

"When Downton Abbey came to the U.S., no one knew it’d be such a hit. But more than anything else, we were stoked to see the characters decked out in 1928-style jewelry! These styles are evocative of the Edwardian era from 1901 to circa 1918, which is considered an era of elegance—think pearls, garlands, ornamental motifs, swirls and delicate pieces.

We handpicked more than 80 1928 Downtown Abbey-inspired jewelry styles that look like it’s been snagged from the show! But for some more exciting news: 1928 recently became an authorized licensee for Downtown Abbey Jewelry, so be on the lookout for Fall 2013!"

...and as most press releases, company schedules and release plans go in our world, it seems the line is available now! Perhaps there's a distinction between "show inspired" and directly from the show, which might be what they are releasing in the Fall? I have no idea, but CLICK HERE and you can check out what is available today.

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