Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Aquabats Super Show Season 1 DVD Review

We live in a bold, exciting time where TV shows, both animated and live action, can get a green light even if they make very little sense. Ongoing plot lines are abandoned in favor of stand alone stories that harken to what has come before and incorporate those elements for the enjoyment of those who were actually paying attention. More important than all of this is a level of ridiculous that lies somewhere between a Troma film and your average, wacky daytime Soap Opera. This is not a ridiculous that leaves us scratching our heads and blindly awaiting the next chapter just because we have to see what incredibly messed up moment the creators will throw at us next. This is good old fashioned slapstick..and superior comedic timing...and the power of a goofy face..and excellent writing by people that understand the difference between throwing a joke at the audience and waiting those 3 extra beats for facial expressions and blind responses that punch up the awkward and leave any little kid, or adult, busting a gut. THIS, my friends, is the stuff that drives The Aquabats Super Show.

From the Co-creator of Yo Gabba Gabba!, Aquabats! frontman Christian Jacobs has crafted the perfect blend of live-action and animation  following the amazingly wild comic antics of The Aquabats, the galaxy’s first group of musical, crime-fighting superheroes. MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson (with the power to grow large when he feels extra emotional), Ricky Fitness (who is super fast but a bit germaphobic), EagleBones Falconhawk (with his laser-blasting guitar, eagle vision and spirit animal sidekick "The Dude") and Jimmy the Robot (well..he's a robot..sort of speaks for itself) will take you along on their mostoutrageous adventures to protect the world from the creatures and super villains out to destroy it. These monsters include a furry muppet-like beast with mechanical tentacles, a ManAnt with delusions of world conquest, a female mad scientist with a flair for monster creation and cleaver disguises, ....and a giant chicken.

Jacobs says it best in the pilot commentary when he says "The show was supposed to be about us coming to the aid of kids in peril, but now it's really about us trying to save ourselves...and trying to find food." I'd say the adjustment was the right choice. In each episode, the Aquabats stumble onto a monstrous situation and have to overcome overwhelming odds to save mankind..and themselves....usually just themselves. Their comedic timing is pitch perfect and the level of absurdity is just wacky enough to make a little kid crack up right alongside their parents. In my case, just remove the kids and imagine me and many friends consistently laughing at every gag this show threw out there..and all without the help of alcohol! That's a special level of insanity. As a bonus, every episode jams in a mini cartoon in a sort of mock-anime style, beefing our heroes up in a more super heroic fashion. Picture this as a version of the show, which is already crazy as all hell, now with no limits. Amazingly fun stuff!

The  Aquabats Super Show Season 1 includes 13 episodes handling topics like long lost, fiercely competitive eagle brothers, the humanity of a robot and his mothering instincts, how lack of burgers effects heroing, abuse of shape changing pilgrim boys, how to defeat a floating eye of death and just how long SHOULD you sing a song called "Don't Stop, Never Quit." Extras include the original pilot, with or without commentary from the cast. This team is so naturally funny, just hearing them enjoy their own low budget pilot antics is hysterical in itself. This should make you want to watch all the commentaries which you'll find under episode selection (there are four of them, not including the pilot.) We also get Bloopers and a behind the scenes look, which may as well be called "Also Bloopers which may or may not have been staged." If you are looking to turn your brain down a few hundred kilowatts and laugh endlessly at some non-taxing, kiddie safe, dumb fun, The Aquabats Super Show will provide the most super powered dumb fun around.

The Aquabats Super Show Season 1 DVD is available NOW. Click to grab a copy!

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