Friday, May 10, 2013

Pics or It Didn't Happen: Apes on Horses, Grimes of the Dead, Hammer of the Gods and Treks in NY

Another new feature on Idle Hands where we'll make use of all those quickie news bits that come out way that we didn't know what to do with before. First up...

We have the first image from Season 4 of The Walking Dead (up top). Yess..we know...all your feels til October and you are back in the lovin arms of Mr. Dixon. Not much happening here, unless we assume Rick talks to trees now. Tree: Whatcha doin there Mr. Grimes? Rick: Oh...ya know..stuff...things.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (that's a mouth full) has released the first image..or leaked the first image...either way, we've got our buddy Andy Serkis on horseback in a MoCap suit, and the other fella back there suggests the monkey army has adapted this as their conveyance of choice. Upon first look at the pic, you might say a group of scientists may have come to check out the wild forest apes and found something they never expected. Note all the gear and climbing ropes, and the fact that the apes have separated the leader from the rest, suggesting they feel threatened. Should be another wild ride!

Magnet dropped a poster for their newest viking epic HAMMER OF THE GODS on us today and were sure to do justice to their ultra metal title with an ultra metal font. I'd say the imagery is fairly metal as well, but there are no wolves or ram's horn helmets so..ya know..demerits. Also..what's up with that glowing guy in the background? It's like they forgot it was in his damn contract to be on the poster and scotch taped him in at the last second. Annnnnd there. Perfect.

Finally, we've been informed that the cast of Star Trek was in New York last night, but we weren't invited, so I'm going to pretend it never happened...lalalalalathepicsbelowneverhappenedlalalalala...

As always, Zachery Quinto looks fantastic even if he has to resort to a bump-it to give his hair some height. Don't judge.

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