Friday, May 31, 2013

Patrick Stewart Talks About Domestic Violence

Honest people tend to only speak honestly...and from the heart, so it is no surprise that when Patrick Stewart was commended for his work with Amnesty International in the middle of what was supposed to be your average Q&A on a body of work that would surely include many Star Trek questions, he did not think twice to say exactly what he felt and in no small words. Heather Skye says it best, the woman who posed the question, set's this video up perfectly...

This was my question to Sir Patrick Stewart at Comicpalooza 2013. I wanted to thank Patrick Stewart for his speech at Amnesty International it personally help me put a name to the abuse, sexual abuse in my case, I had experienced in the past. He responded very passionately and the last thing I thought I would get at was a heartfelt hug.

When he embraced me he told me "You never have to go through that again, you're safe now". I just kept thanking him.

I hope everyone who needs help in abusive or violent situations has the courage to do so. There are people willing and ready to help you.

Read Heather's further thoughts on the experience HERE

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