Friday, May 17, 2013

The LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles Mystery Box

I LOVE MYSTERY BOXES!! ...Even thought my history with mystery boxes tells me not to expect much. Often, the mystery box contains some silly Hollywood movie viral. For "Let Me In", I was sent a funnel in an evidence bag with fake blood on it. For the last "Final Destination" movie, one of the items was a wrench. ..........A wrench. I kid you not. I own a Final Destination Wrench. Today's box should have had me lower my expectations, but the name "LEGO" on the address label raised an eyebrow. LEGO almost never sends anything to the Idle Hands offices! I slowly sliced along the tape, making the reveal move in artificial slow motion, like a mini Christmas morning circa 1984...but this time I've only got one present and I need to make the moment last.

Sliding the top open only revealed a black box with little lights on top...pictured..not an actual blinking box. I flipped the box to let it slide onto the table as the collector in me screamed "DON'T SCRATCH UP THE BOX WITH YOUR FILTHY SAUSAGE FINGERS!!" The wordage on the side read "Secrets To Reveal There Are." Having been raised on Star Wars ,where the Nicholasi house motto is "Do or do not, there is no try", I was well aware who was meant to be speaking these words.


So what we are looking at is the second teaser set for the new LEGO Yoda Chronicles cartoon series! I say second because technically, the first was a little bagged set that was given out at Toys R Us during a recent event no one told me about until it was too late. WHYYYYYY. Matt Booker, Star Wars LEGO expert and all around cheery Brit, tells me this appears to be the Holocron Chamber, as seen in the new cartoon, naturally. Some footage for the cartoon can be found in a free game available now. Here are some images...

So there you have it! Thanks to LEGO for some morning fun, Matt Booker for knowing everything, and be sure to tune in to Cartoon Network May 29th for the premiere of The Yoda Chronicles!

 ...And now I'm off to go see Star Trek. I AM A MAN OF MANY WORLDS!!


  1. how did you get it? did you order it or is it lego club members only?

    1. LEGO sent it over with an invite to an event in NY this week.

  2. Obviously I wont ever get an original of this set. Can you post scans of the instructions so we can recreate it? You have the parts listing, which is a great start.

  3. Yes please post the instructions!

  4. yeah, can you post the instructions?