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Mattel's Superman: Man of Steel Collectibles Lineup

As June 14th draws ever closer, we thought we'd take a look at all the crazy toys that have hit shelves in force to celebrate Superman: Man of Steel! Like the Iron Man 3 line, which seems to be stalled on the pegs at the moment, Mattel's Man of Steel line has a heavy focus on kid-friendly play, with a slight detour into collector territory with their Movie Masters series. The middle ground looks to be a 3 and 3 quarter inch line that is light on details and articulation, but packed with an accessory for play ripped straight from the screen...until you get into the various power suits for Superman, which we highly doubt make an appearance. Can't do a toy line without day-glow super heroes!! Here's the main lineup from Mattel...

Poised to be one of the summer’s blockbuster releases, Mattel has teamed with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring fans of all ages a dynamic line of toys that bring the Super Hero to life. With Mattel’s commitment to detail, quality and play value, the new “Man of Steel™” line incorporates quintessential Superman™ attributes such as speed, strength and flight – taking feature film adventures to playroom fun

“Man of Steel™” Movie Masters® Assortment
Movie Masters® figures are designed with the ultimate authentic detail and supreme quality to bring fans' favorite characters to life. This assortment features heroes and villains from the movie “Man of Steel™.” A high level of articulation lets fans of all ages pose the figures in countless ways for fan-tastic fun! Includes one figure and one display base. Each sold separately, subject to availability.
ARP: $14.99                         Ages: 4+                    Available: June

“Man of Steel™” Basic Figures Assortment
With these detailed figures, kids can play out iconic moments from “Man of Steel™”. The assortment features character favorites including Superman™ and General Zod. Each 3.75-inch figure carries a unique oversized hand-held accessory that assists in fending off foes while showcasing Superman’s™ strength and battling ability. Each figure sold separately.
ARP: $6.99                        Age: 4+                      Available: May

Note: We did notice some of these figures had no accessories, so perhaps they are slightly cheaper than the others.

“Man of Steel™” Power Attack Deluxe Assortment
Man of Steel Deluxe Figures Assortment: Superman is incredibly strong! These Power Attack Deluxe Figures inspired by the film are built to bring that strength to life. Activate the special feature to initiate the Power Attack move that can be enhanced by the feature accessory to amplify the action. For instance, squeeze Superman's legs to see him slam the bank vault doors together. He packs a serious punch! Includes 1 figure and 1 feature accessory. Each sold separately, subject to availability.

“Man of Steel™” Quick Shots™ Basic Figures Assortment
One big reason kids love Superman™ is his ability to fly. Another is his harrowing heroism when soaring through danger to save lives! Quick Shots™ figures bring these two elements to life for extraordinary flying action. Parents fear not! These stretchy soft figures are designed to safely soar through the air, gently knocking down obstacles set-up in their path. Getting airborne is simple. First attach the Quick Shot™ figure to the included launcher figure. Next pull back the figure, release, and watch as Superman™ speeds through the air for high-flying fun! Basic figures include Attack Armor Superman, Flyin Fury General Zod, Flight Strike Superman, Ultrahero Superman and Krypton Clash Superman. Each sold separately and includes one figure and launcher figure.
ARP: $6.99                            Age: 4+                      Available: May

 The line also includes Battle Packs with Tank Buster, Cruiser Smash and Robot Attack, a Mega Smash Pack with some destructible terrain and 2 figures, and a Tri-Shot Slinger gun.

“Man of Steel™” Quick Shots™ “Battle for Metropolis”
The “Battle for Metropolis” is the must-have set for Quick Shots™ figures and lets kids test their skills to take down General Zod! With their Quick Shots figures, kids can challenge their ability to aim and launch Super Heroes at specific targets. The action starts when the Quick Shots™ General Zod is loaded into the top of the vehicle. Once in, the Superman™ logo on the ship transforms to display that of Zod's, alerting of his takeover. Kids must now use their Quick Shots™ figures to head into battle and reclaim the ship by targeting the “destroying” mechanisms located on the vehicles sides. Hit the first target to rotate the ship and cause the panels to fall. Hit the second to launch General Zod out of the vehicle and return the Superman™ logo to its rightful place, saving the day! Includes ship, one Superman™ Quick Shots™ figure and General Zod figure.
ARP: $24.99                         Age: 4+                      Available: May

“Man of Steel™” Flight Speeders™ Launchers Assortment
The Flight Speeders™ launchers glide and fly, and offer a perfect place to hold a 3.75-inch “Man of Steel™” basic figure. Also featured is a specially designed Superman™ missile figure which can be launched through the air. To begin play, load the Superman™ missile into the front of the launcher. The cockpit is designed to hold a 3.75-inch “Man of Steel™” basic figure (sold separately). When trouble is spotted on the horizon, hit the plunger on the launcher and a flying “Man of Steel™” missile is ejected soaring the skies. Includes one vehicle and Superman™ missile figure. “Man of Steel™” basic figures sold separately.
ARP: $15.99                         Age: 4+                      Available: May

“Man of Steel™” Flight Speeders™ Superman™ Strike Ship
The hand-held Superman™ Strike Ship offers great play options while bringing Superman™ to life. To get the mission started, simply load the included Superman™ missile figure into the ship. Next, head into battle and seek out Superman’s™ villains! Once danger is detected depress the trigger, and the Superman™ missile is launched out flying up to 25 feet! Two additional projectiles are included to amp up the action so kids can fire and release an epic defense! To add even more power, up to two vehicles from the “Man of Steel™” Flight Speeders™ Launchers Assortment can be attached to create the ultimate fighting machine. The ships cockpit fits most 3.75-inch Superman™ Basic Figures (sold separately) for more thrilling action. Includes launcher, one Superman™ missile figure and two projectiles. Additional “Man of Steel™” Flight Speeders™ Launchers sold separately.
ARP: $25.99                         Age: 4+                      Available: May

Rounding out Mattel's mass market items is the talking Mega Punch Superman with 10 phrases and battle sounds and a light up chest emblem and punching action, and an overstuffed plush Hero Buddies Superman that talks when you "bonk" it.

Walmart gets in on the action with their own exclusive, in store only line of Man of Steel figures and deluxe bits called Powers of Krypton. All pieces in the line feature semi translucent plastic for a light up gimic.

There's a lot more Superman: Man of Steel product hitting shelves as we speak, so stay tuned to see all the rest!


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