Monday, May 20, 2013

G.I. Joe Custom Show at SubUrban Vinyl May 31

On Friday, May 31st from 4-9pm, SubUrban Vinyl will become a G.I. Joe emporium with a family-friendly event dedicated to the most influential toy line of our generation: Hasbro's G.I. Joe figures.

The custom toy show involves 30+ of today's most talented artists contributing 100+ custom toys. Based on The Loyal Subjects' newly released line of G.I. Joe mini figures and featuring detailed sculpting and custom paint work, these production toys have evolved over the past few weeks into a vast array of one-of-a-kind sculptures at the hands of the artists below:


Alison Perez
Billy Roids
Blazon Brikhaus
Bryan Collins
Cash Cannon
Carson Catlin
Dave Webb
Dead Hand Toys
Don P
Forces of Dorkness
Ian Ziobrowski
J Fury
Jason Chalker
JC Rivera
Joe Scarano
Juan Muniz
Les Schettkoe
Matt A*
Mike Die
Mr. Munk
Nasty Neil
Rusted Halo
Shawn Wigs
Tasha Zimich

In addition to the custom toy show, Hasbro has agreed to lend SubUrban Vinyl props from the G.I. Joe movie, plus a few of their in-house artists to contribute custom toys and artwork. The designer of the GI Joe figures, Les Schettkoe, will be flying out for the opening night party, as will Jonathan Cathey of The Loyal Subjects. Hasbro employees will be in attendance as well.

Several artists have created paintings and prints inspired by the G.I. Joe toy line. All original artwork and prints will be available to purchase at the SubUrban Vinyl shop, and online after the opening night as well. Les Schettkoe and The Loyal Subjects will be creating special, exclusive G.I. Joe t-shirts for the event.

Food and drink will be provided. Artists will be in attendance for appearances and signings. The show will be up for viewing at SubUrban for one week. Any custom toys, artwork and apparel unsold at the opening night party will be made available online in the SubUrban Vinyl store.

The opening night party runs from 4-9pm on Friday May 31st at the following address:

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick Street
Waldwick, NJ 07463
phone: (201) 857-2480

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