Friday, October 5, 2012

Celebrate Frankenweenie's Birth with New Clips

HAPPY TIM BURTON DAY!!! Friends are saying Frankenweenie is the best movie Burton has done in year. Better than the somewhat depressing Alice in Wonderland. More fun than The Corpse Bride. High praise all around! To celebrate, we've got new clips to put you in a stop-motiony mood!

First up is a little featurette on bringing the puppets of Frankenweenie to life...

Next, meet the Bride of Frankenweenie!!

Now check out this 50's-esque trailer with some new footage...

Meet Mr. Whiskers...the Psychic Kitty!

And last, we have a message from the Frankenweenie crew and IMAX, reminding you that when you are at the movies, people payed a ridiculous amount of money to be shut yo stupid face.

Have fun!!

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