Monday, October 15, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock Demands Phone Silence at the Movies!

We are making a difference. For once in our lifetime...we may just win at something. Yes, friends, one of the tiny tiny places in our little universe is sloooowly being altered so that generations of folks will be conditioned to turn around, upon hearing cell phone noise, beeping or that wondering blast of blue light, and say "Pardon me..but kindly turn off your fucking phone. Please and Thank You." Now Alfred Hitchcock himself joins the cause with this latest "STFU at the movies" PSA...

HITCHCOCK is a love story about one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century, Alfred Hitchcock and his wife and partner Alma Reville. The film takes place during the making of Hitchcock’s seminal movie Psycho.

HITCHCOCK opens in select theaters on November 23rd, be sure to silence your phones and check it out!

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