Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC 2012: Back into the Fray...with Geeks

It's the last day of New York Comic Con and as per usual, I am a little worse for wear, but there was hot water in the shower, a happy round Brit on my couch and Vodka still in my system, so all is right with the world. Those of you who are new to the site may have thought I took the weekend off, but if you've been watching the feed up top, I'd done my best to periodically dump some pics into Flickr to curb your fiendish dorkly appetites. Failing that, as was the case yesterday as I was locked in the interview rooms all day where you can't hope to get an upload signal, I switched over to Twitter whenever I could get a tenth of a bar on the cell. You can see that handy work here - - and pay particular attention to the pics..which where pretty much what was all around me all day. YOU GET TO BE MY EYES!! How creepy.

I'd ended the day in panels, which I generally never have time for, but new footage from new movies demands attention, and so into the breach I plunged. You can see the fruits of that labor on Dread Central

Carrie teaser trailer description, panel and more
Evil Dead trailer description and first image
and courtesy of the beautiful and malicious Heather Buckley...
Footage Description from The Bay, Beautiful Creatures, and The Conjuring

More on the amazing that will be Evil Dead and all that other awesome as soon as the show ends and all the girls dressed as sexy Ewoks and Phoenix go home.

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