Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fourth Castle Media Zombies Storming NYCC 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 is about to set this unsuspecting city ablaze with overwhelming geekiness, but it is still October, and Fourth Castle Media wants to make sure the horrors at this show are pumped up to a respectable level! With that in mind, we’ve made sure our booth is overflowing with all manner of undead collectibles you won’t be able to pass up and backed that up with a sampling across all our brands AND a sprinkling of free swag just for saying hi. Here’s the skinny…

-         Cinefantastique Presents "Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?" Saturday, October 13th @ 7:45 at the Variant Stage : Cinefantastique, the most respected name in genre journalism since 1970, throws all that out the window for a look at surviving the eventual Zombie Apocalypse. Members of the NJ-based "Zombie Survival Course" ( will show you what you need to know, right from their actual camp curriculum!

Meanwhile, on the show floor..

It all happens at the Fourth Castle Media Booth 1669!

-         Cinefantastique Magazine celebrates its triumphant return with Cinefantastique's Ultimate Guide To Zombies! This special 3D issue relaunches the cult favorite magazine this weekend at New York Comic Con 2012 featuring…
          -     A Checklist of over 600 Zombie Films
          -     A section on "DIY" zombie films from the '80s VHS explosion to the digital revolution, interviewing filmmakers, distributors and marketers  
          -     A Walking Dead Episode Guide
          -     An exclusive look into the upcoming Activision Walking Dead Video Game
          -     A Visual Checklist of over 100 Zombie Action Figures
          -     A How To of Zombie Makeup FX
          -     A 3D Centerfold and MORE!
Not coming to NYCC? You can buy Cinefantastique’s Ultimate Guide to Zombies at the newly relaunched Big Shoppe of Horrors ( or you can make an in person pick-up at comic/specialty stores and newsstands across the nation.

-         Speaking of which, The Big Shoppe of Horrors makes its debut at NYCC 2012 with signature EMCE products like the Create Your Own Zombie Kit, Zombie Survival Kits, Zombie Action Figures and special packets of Heisenberg Blue (wink wink nudge nudge..tell a friend!)
-         ON SALE THIS WEEKEND ONLY! EMCE Toys Night of the Living Dead Series 2 action figures (Barbara and Karen) for only $10 each! Military Grade Zombie Survival Messenger Bags with a priced slashed down to $25 (50% off!) and the always lovable, evil gelatinous henchman of the Tick…the Mucus Tick semi translucent, super posable action figure is only $10..the lowest price he’s ever been offered at!

-         We are also celebrating the coming of The Monster Channel; the only 24-7 interactive Horror Channel! ( for more info) Come get a taste of what’s to come.

-         The Fourth Castle Media booth will also be stocked with FREE swag from our film making friends! This year’s goodies include…
   - Beer Flavored Lip Balm from American Reunion
   - Safe House USB Locks
   - Snow White and the Huntsman Tattoos
   - T Shirts from the upcoming Warner Brothers creeper The Conjuring

While you are at the booth, grab a ticket for your chance to win a killer DVD or Blu-ray from BBC America! Did you think we’d let this show drop without a healthy dose of Doctor Who? Never happen! We’ll be dishing out copies of The Fades, Doctor Who (new and classic) and Torchwood every hour, all weekend long.

For further info on Cinefantastique Magazine, Big Shoppe of Horrors, EMCE Toys or The Monster Channel, hit!

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