Friday, October 5, 2012

Aim For the Head..or Not..with The Walking Dead

It's October, and while the air might not be as crisp as we'd like just yet, all the good people of the world should have one thing on their minds right now. HALLOWEEN!!! You've started putting your favorite monster movies on heavy rotation in the DVD player, broke out your Monster Mash vinyl and draped fake cobwebs around your whole house. Sure, a cat went missing in the process...but it's HALLOWEEEEEEN!!! She'll turn up. Now the only thing missing is a creep filled, gore soaked episodic video game on your computer screen. Not to worry...Telltale Games has just what you need with their Walking Dead epic. Here's the latest...

Fellow survivors,

Today we would like to share with you the full 'Player Stats' video for Episode Three: Long Road Ahead. Remember, The Walking Dead confronts players with difficult choices. Player decisions influence the story, creating a 'tailored' experience. These are just some of the choices made by players and tracked by the game in the third episode.

In addition to the stats trailer, we would also like to share the recent 'Accolades' trailer for Episode Three. The trailer examines some of the recent thoughts from critics across the world and features a song from a man known as 'Chuck.'

Once again, we thank you for travelling along with us all the way from Macon, and now to the end of the tracks into the deadly streets of Savannah, GA. You've come this far, and with humanity pushed to the edge of extinction, we ask you one question... Are you truly ready to put everything on the line for Clementine? Players will find out soon in The Walking Dead: Episode Four - Around Every Corner, launching very soon this month on consoles, PC & MAC. Hit up Telltale games for more details.

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