Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Mattel Superman Movie Toy Commercials

Or as we call them in the industry..."Sizzles"! Saucy, eh? These Superman toy teasers were most likely put together for the toy buying season, which has begun! There is one giant sized round of buying in October where the major toy companies meet the major buyers, then another round in February, which most of you will identify as Toy Fair in New York City. There are other shows in the UK and such, but these two massive events most likely account for 85% of the toy buying business done across the planet.

At any rate, Bleeding Cool loves those toy spoilers as much as we do on Idle Hands and today, they scooped up these sizzle reels for Mattel's new kidified lines of Superman: Man of Steel toys. You'll note the style is somewhat in the vein of their new original Batman line, what with the chunky body style and clenched fists. Take a look at the goods and be warned, there may be some minor spoilers within.

Also note that neither of these should be seen as representative of the core line of action figures for the film. Remember the sea of Batman toys, still ever present at retail? I'd expect the same sort of repaint and repeat model. Only time will tell. Til then, I applaud Mattel for doing something new with a movie toy line!

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