Monday, October 22, 2012

A Toy Sculptor's Journey

When I was just a kid, action figures went from being dolls with cloth outfits to little 3 and 3 quarter inch, not very posable space wariors to the game changing Masters of the Universe line before I took what we'll call my "hiatus" from collecting. Flash forward to McFarlane's Spawn line (another HUGE game changer) and we blast into a whole new universe with celebrity sculptors, rock star art groups and companies making action figures of things we'd never see today. As we hit our current time period, you can easily divide the room of toy makers between companies looking to save a buck at every turn and those who love what modern technology allows, seeking to create the best looking plastics we've ever seen. Though the tools may change, it is the artist who creates those toys we come to love. Maker Magazine shares your love of the arts with a new series "about the people who bring fantasy to life. We will spotlight miniature-making, sculpting, molding, figure-modding, latex mask-making, and much more with tutorials, interviews, reviews, and good stories.

Scott Hensey, owner of Anaglyph Sculptures (, has been sculpting action figures, toys and statues for over 30 years. In fact, chances are you have one of his toys in your home (or up in your parents attic). Scott has worked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, Happy Meal toys for McDonalds, Pixar, Star Wars, Disney and much much more. Here is a peek into Hensey's techniques, inspiration and amazing office of his toy creations."

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up!

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