Friday, October 19, 2012

Hanna-Barbera Sin City

The streets are angry and unforgiving. In nearly every shadowed alley and darkened door, it seems someone is crying out for help. Behind the walls of its seedy strip clubs and bars, a plea for mercy would fall on deaf ears. Though the city is a monster, it is not without its heroes..though these men and women aren't exactly your cape and tights folks...and they don't exactly like to leave anyone alive to tell tales. These images set the stage for Frank Miller's Sin City, but today, we ponder..what if. What if Hanna-Barbera's beloved cartoon characters slipped through a crack in the universe and found they had to fight to survive in a world without a laugh track?! ....I didn't say it was a sane What If. Pete Caballero brings us a look at Hanna-Barbera's Sin City....just because we thought it would be pretty damn funny.

Pete offers some thoughts on his re-creations...

I chose Judy Jetson because I wanted to draw at least one sexy cartoon human, and Daphne seemed too old for Nancy Calahan. Plus I kept thinking "Skinny little Judy Jetson. She grew up. She filled out." and it made me laugh. I almost drew in those caption boxes.


Hong Kong Phooey/Miho was a no-brainer. Even though the genders were wrong, I wasn't passing up a chance to draw a bad-ass Hong Kong Phooey wielding Katanas. The hardest part was deciding if I should give him pants.

Cindy and Yogi came about because I felt like I was using too many humans. Dwight's look is pretty nondescript, so putting Yogi next to Cindy/Gail's distinct S&M gear certainly helped make him look like more than just a bear in a trench coat. (heheh. Bear in a Trench Coat sounds like an awesome grind house movie)


When you say "Hanna-Barbera" my first thought is Fred Flintstone. When you say "Sin City" my first thought is Marv. So that was another easy choice, especially after I had the idea to put the spots in his trench coat.


Shaggy/Kevin is a funny one. I originally just wanted an excuse to draw Scooby, and remembered that Kevin had a pet wolf or something he fed human scraps to. Then I had the idea to use the girls as his trophies and it all clicked into place. Plus, I like to think Shaggy's insatiable appetite might lead him to try cannibalism eventually.

There's no real good story behind Muttley/Junior. I just felt like drawing Muttley laughing, was running out of good Sin City characters, and remembered they were both yellow.

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