Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NYCC 2012: Costumes Round 1..FIGHT!

At this point, anyone who recognizes me at a show (all 3 of you..and I thank you) knows I do both San Diego and New York Comic Cons, so I am often asked if there are any outstanding differences between the two. I will name one glaring one. ETHNICITY!! Mirroring the many colored skins of the many different races across New York City, the show floor of New York Comic Con has a fantastic range of people from all walks of life donning costumes purely for the love of it. That's not to say SDCC doesn't draw folks from across the planet...just at NYCC, it stands out a bit more. Also extremely relevant; those old stereotypes about agro New York people go out the window and I can honestly say every damn one of you was incredibly awesome to me every second of the show. At any rate, we proudly present the first round of Costume/Cosplayer pictures from New York Comic Con 2012.

Dive on into the lot RIGHT HERE!

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