Friday, October 19, 2012

Deadpool VS Comic Con

If this next bit of video teaches us one is this. If Deadpool were real...we'd probably avoid him like crazy. His obnoxigen levels are at about 3,000. Never the less, we love him in the comics...and we will love him in the video game....we just won't invite him to crash on our couch.

Deadpool stormed the comic cons this year to make sure you've all heard about his new video game...and to grab some female cosplayer booty, apparently. Though the videos below may not be very informative, they sure are entertaining.

And a slightly smaller, dancier Deadpool terrorized New York Comic Con with his...umm...powerful thrusting.

...and while all this madness is well and good and actually does give you a sense of the gameplay... if we are lead to believe you can go to Comic Con, in game, and hit on VampyBitMe (the awesome Femme Nightwing in the vid) or the Soska Twins (from the first vid) probably want to know MOOOORE!! We sent our favorite Brit, Matt Booker into the fray, at the risk of being air humped, to gather all the intel he could. Here's the skinny..

The Deadpool game is deep in production now and Deadpool himself has taken the reigns at High Moon Studios to make sure that the game is 100% Deadpool aproved. At New York Comic Con 2012, a new character reveal for the game was... Her boobiness miss DOMINO.. Woot... yeah look at them mammas..

Game will have lots of over the top humour and Violence and DP promised that it will be FUN to kill people in his game. There will be more surprise characters from the Deadpool universe appearing in the game that will be revealed in good time. Most of DPs time at the panel was talking down too all the panelists and dancing around like a loon and rubbing his crotch on the shoulder of the panelists. A short collection of snippets of crazed game footage was shown.. mainly DP killing lots of villains and opponents and having a great time. Lot more dancing and exit stage left DP... with dancing DP in tow.

Matt says most of the footage seemed to be re-used SDCC bits, so drink it in...

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