Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gotham to be FOX's Smallville

(Picture this in a cool, gritty, voice over voice) GOTHAM CITY. These streets are plagued with violence, crime and human suffering on a level few can imagine. These streets are crying out for a hero who is not yet ready to be their savior. Now, one detective hopes to infiltrate a corrupt system and change it for the better. ONE MAN will unite all that is good in Gotham and become a force against the evil choking its citizens. This...is GOTHAM.

Annnnd that was just a dream.

EW dropped this bit of horrifying info: At the Television Critics Association press tour, FOX chairman Kevin Reilly announced they have the rights to ALL Batman characters and will be presenting them in their youth as we discover how their life choices and the world at large effects them down to their core, making them heroes ..or villains like The Riddler, The Penguin, The Joker..and so on. Teeeeeeeeeeen Batman. YEA! Hang on a second. I just stabbed myself in the leg with a fork. One moment for fork removal.

“This is all of the classic Batman characters,” Reilly said during the panel. “It follows the arc of how they all became what they were. I’ve read the script its really good. It’s going to be this operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality." Batman will be followed from the time he’s a child to “the final episode of the series when he puts on the cape.”

The rest of Reilly's comments were cryptic and teaser-ish. He mentions we won't see the iconic costumes of the Bat-Universe for some time, but we'll get little cues in the lives of the characters that show you they are moving in that direction. Press was told Batman will start off as a young man, but there is no reason they can't jump ahead in time whenever they choose.

So...are you crushed?? Were you hoping Gotham would be FOX's Agents of SHIELD, but as a prequel to WB's DC Comics cinematic universe? Sound off in the comments!

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