Friday, January 3, 2014

3D Systems Acquires Gentle Giant Studios

3D Systems  (NYSE:DDD) announced today the acquisition of Gentle Giant Studios, the leading provider of 3D modeling for the entertainment and toy industry. For over two decades, Gentle Giant Studios has led the development of state-of-the-art content using 3D scanning and modeling to develop and manufacture licensed 3D printed characters, toys and collectibles from a variety of franchise properties with global brand recognition, including Marvel, Disney, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Avatar, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

3DS plans to immediately leverage Gentle Giant Studios technology and vast library of digital content into its consumer platform and extend its existing brand relationships to further the reach of 3D scanning, modeling and printing for entertainment, toys, collectibles, action figures in conjunction with numerous blockbuster films and evergreen licensed properties.

“Gentle Giant Studios catapults 3DS’s consumer platform forward with highly curated, licensed characters, content publishing know-how and first-mover experience for the benefit of leading toy companies, movie studios and their merchandising divisions,” said Avi Reichental, President and CEO, 3D Systems.

So what does this mean for all product currently slated for release from Gentle Giant? For the moment, absolutely nothing. We reached out to Dev Gilmore, Vice President of Licensing and Product Development at Gentle Giant Studios, and while he was keeping his mouth shut about specifics, he did promise there are exciting things on the horizon and lots to talk about very soon!

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