Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: More Hasbro Releases! Falcon from Winter Soldier, Transformers and More

Was that massive news drop we launched last night enough to quench your thirst for new toy news from Hasbro??!! Yea..we didn't think so. Today we've got a few more bits to show off that you should see up for pre-order very soon. Let's dive right in.

We ran a HUGE article on all the fantastic Captain America: Winter Soldier toys, but there were certain characters kept under wraps for whatever reason. One of them was Falcon! Today we get a nice look at him in a format other than a kid's costume with sewn in abs.

Captain America: Super Soldier Gear Action Figures:
These 3 and 3 quarter inch Captain America figures feature great articulation and deco from the new movie, with a great feature-play accessory. Weapons fire projectiles or have feature motion that is compatible with the rail system on Super Soldier Helmet and Converting Dart Shield. Assortment of 6 figures in 3 waves on the way. Shipping April 2014

Note these pre-order listings have the Captain America Infinity Legends (aka Marvel Legends 6 inch figures) at $29.99 a piece!!! Insane. The Super Soldier Gear action figures are marked at $14.49.

Next up we've got some new additions to the Avengers Super Hero Mashers line.

Figure/Vehicle Packs: The Super Hero Mashers charge into battle with these figure and vehicle packs! Choose from Captain America or Iron Man. Shipping April 2014 (inching ever closer to your dream of a Deadpool on a motorcycle figure pack!)

Battle Packs: Your Avengers Super Hero Mashers do battle with these new 2-figure battle packs! The Super Hero Mashers are figures with removable and swappable parts so you can customize your figures and create the ultimate hero or villain! Choose from Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus or Thor vs Loki. Shipping April 2014

So far this line, which is in stores now (except for what is listed above), includes Doctor Doom, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Patriot, Venom, and Wolverine. No idea why Hasbro chose not to show off the full, un-mashed figures for Doctor Octopus or Loki..or why that is mostly Hulk fighting Loki when it should be Thor...so just don't ask. Please and thank you.

Moving on to Transformers!

Transformers Generations Deluxe Action Figures: Fans and collectors of the Transformers will want to go back in time with the Transformers Generations Deluxe Action Figures. Drawn from the quarter-century history of the franchise, these figures will take fans on a journey into the shrouded prehistory of the metallic world of Cybertron and into the future! Choose from Tankor, Crosscut or Rattrap. Shipping April 2014 Additional figures include Waspinator, Scoop, Arcee and Chromia (all out now, but still up as pre-orders for some reason).

Last up, we get a better look at Transformers Battle Masters:
These figures can be controlled with two interchangeable game controllers. lock your fingers into the controller, and the figures are ready for Fight Night! Then, complete your game with the iPad/iPhone app. The starter two-pack includes figures of Optimus Prime ("The Diesel Destroyer") and Megatron ("The Calamity of Humanity"). Use this set and get started with your Battle Masters collection! Shipping April 2014

The Battle Masters will also come in single packs with Autobots Prowl ("The Pride of the Low-Ride") and Bumblebee ("The King of Sting") and Decepticons Starscream ("The Emperor of Energon") and Barricade ("The Prince of Punishment"). Is it me, or are the boxes 10 times cooler than the toys? Those simplified character designs are just a little too generic. There's no personality there at all and I'd be hard pressed to tell one from the other in a group unless I took the time to learn which color goes to which bot.

Hit up www.comicshoplocator.com to find your local comic shops and pre-order your favorite toys. Bulk of the images above courtesy of Diamond Comics Distributors, www.diamondcomics.com.

Keep watching for more Toy Fair reports as there is still a ton of stuff to get through.
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