Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prepare for Pans Labyrinth, The MUSICAL

After years of me suggesting to, just about any Hollywood or producer type that would listen, that Phantom of the Paradise would be a sleeper off Broadway hit, it seems the universe is meeting me half way. Last night at the Grammys, singer/songwriter Paul Williams let the news slip that he was working with Guillermo del Toro (another Phantom of the Paradise devotee) on a Pans Labyrinth musical!

Blastr has the quote:
"I'm writing a musical based on Pan's Labyrinth with Guillermo del Toro, and my whole relationship with Guillermo del Toro is based on his love for Phantom of the Paradise. I'm writing that with Gustavo Santaolalla, who's a brilliant, brilliant composer from Argentina."
This could be potentially...amazing. Something so beautifully realized, eerily dark and astoundingly creepy all at once would make for a mind blowing spectacle people would not soon forget...if it is all handled correctly. I've got the utmost confidence the project is in the right hands!

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