Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: New Doctor Who

Our friends over at Action Figures Facebook are getting in on the new toy fun with a nice stack of Doctor Who reveals! Fresh off a giant anniversary and a brand new Doctor to celebrate with plenty of plastic dopplegangers, we were sure there would be plenty to see. Let's dive right in...

"This is a post regeneration 12th Doctor still wearing the 11th Doc's clothes. This will not be his official outfit. I wish they had developed a few more new figure molds but I think it's smart of them to focus more on army builder figures. The Zygon is cool but it would've been nice to see a Sontaran and Silurian too. I like the clawed and special weapon Daleks too. This is all 50th Anniversary and Xmas special stuff so maybe they're working on another new wave after this for series 8 at the end of the year. I hear the 2 unreleased time zone sets are supposed to come out."

Also on hand were the following...

3.75 inch TARDIS Exterior (Phone Booth)
3.75 inch TARDIS Control Room
3.75 inch Dalek Spaceship
3.75 inch Action Figures Wave 3 with an old school grey Dalek, the 12th Doctor, the 10th Doctor, Amy Pond, a rare 10th Doctor variant and a couple of unrevealed monsters.
An "Angels Take Manhattan" Diorama set with Cherub figures
A "Hide" Diorama Set with Crooked Man figure

We've yet to hit the Doctor Who rooms ourselves, so keep it locked in here for plenty more!
 Check in on our Flickr Galleries regularly for extra images from these sets and more!

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