Thursday, January 30, 2014

LEGO Announce Ghostbusters ECTO-1 & Crew Cuusoo Set

Oh Man. They made LEGO Minecraft, and even though I don't play the game, I was tempted. They created The DeLorean from Back to the Future and I very nearly clicked BUY. Now, LEGO is about to release the Ghostbusters set you've secretly (or not so secretly) wished for your ENTIRE LIFE...and I'm throwing money at the screen. Just...just take it. I need LEGO mini Ghostbusters. Here's the announcement...

"We’re thrilled to take the ECTO-1 and minifigure characters from BrentWaller’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project and release them as the next LEGO CUUSOO set. This is an amazing model, and the set will be a fantastic representation of the cult classic film. Supporters know that Brent put a lot of love into this, and the final model, which we can’t reveal quite yet, will be largely based on his original car design. The final design, pricing and availability are still being worked out, and the set will be released later this year, so stay tuned!"

Here's the official announcement video...

Why we aren't getting the building as well is beyond me...but it might have something to do with the set possibly costing 300 dollars if they included it. Yea...I'm cool with just the car and crew. Now someone tell LEGO to make me that Adventure Time set!!! Better yet..just get the license and give me multiple sets. I'll be throwing money once again.

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