Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: The Tiniest Transformers, Doodle Jump & Pac-Man at Paladone

We are now neck deep in UK Toy Fair coverage with reports coming from all points, and since the UK booths are often by distributor and NOT by company of production, it becomes difficult to state ownership to anything we can't pinpoint! Last night, one such cluster of photos came across my desk, showing chibi-like Transformer characters in styles ranging from classic G1 cartoon, to movie designs and finally the modern animated series. Not a HUGE deal at a show as massive as Toy Fair but for Transformers fans, still very drool worthy! Hit the jump to check them out...
(Photography by H and K Photography UK -

Also on hand at the booth called Paladone were a full range of Doodle Jump products including mini figures, multi figure packs, larger scale figures and plush. Of particular interest here were the mini figures dressed up to look like Frankenstein, a rapper, a sumo wrestler, a zombie and more! The fact that these little buggers have Snork-like appendages on their faces makes them for more amusing. Perhaps they are Q*berts?

Lastly, we've got some classic retro Pac-Man merchandise including speakers, plush, and a remote control set, most likely allowing your Pac-Man and Ghosts to chase each other via infra red controller with sound effects going the whole time. BRILLIANT!!

Keep watching for more Toy Fair reports as there is still a ton of stuff to get through.
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  1. Yes, in toy fair, if the booths are run by distributor, it can be not very smooth sometimes. Anyways, love these toys.