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Toy Fair 2014: NEW LEGO Legends of Chima Legend Beasts, Speedorz and More



The battle begins as the tribes fight for control over the land of CHIMA™. Build your defenses and guard the CHI with new and exciting weapons that attack from land and air. Releasing January 2014.

Protect the Eagle tribe CHI from air raids by 70128 Braptor’s Wing Striker (RRP: £12.99)!
Braptor is soaring high above the Eagle tribe’s territory on his giant Wing Striker, a super bat-like flying machine. He needs CHI to power the Wing Striker, so help Eris hide it and prepare for battle with her Halor staff. At any moment, Braptor can fire the Wing Striker’s Sonorr gun and swoop down to snatch Eris in its giant bat wings, so use all your skills to protect her and the CHI. Includes two minifigures with weapons: Braptor and Eris in her new armor.

Flee from Scutter with the CHI in 70129 Lavertus’ Twin Blade (RRP: £17.99)!
Lavertus has the CHI and is looking to escape from Scutter in his super-cool Twin Blade helicopter. Clip the dual maCHIguns to the side of the helicopter and place Lavertus in the pilot’s seat. Press the mechanism trigger to make the rotor blades whizz around and zoom skywards. But beware – Scutter has got a Sting Hammer and is jumping up to try to steal the CHI. Includes two minifigures with weapons: Lavertus and Scutter.

Battle 70130 Sparratus’ Spider Stalker (RRP: £17.99) with Gorzan and escape with the CHI!
Assist Gorzan in his quest to evade Sparratus’ scary Spider Stalker and get away from the spider’s web with the CHI. Beware of the Spider Stalker’s web flick missiles and powerful, stomping front legs which could send the Gorilla tribe leader flying. Use Gorzan’s Banana Buster CHI weapon to battle against Sparratus, with his Weborax weapon and spear, and break free with the priceless CHI. Includes two minifigures with weapons: Sparratus and Gorzan in his new armor.

Go in pursuit of the Rhino tribe’s stolen CHI with 70131 Rogon’s Rock Flinger (RRP: £24.99)!
Rogon and Rinona are out on patrol searching for the six-legged Sparacon who stole their CHI. Push the tail of the Rock Flinger down for pursuit mode and speed across the CHIMA™ landscape. When they spot Sparacon, activate the catapult and fling the rock into the spider’s path. Duel with Sparacon and his Spider Carapace blaster on the ground, using the five-barrelled Boulder Boomer and Hammer Horn and recover the Rhino tribe’s priceless CHI! Includes three minifigures with weapons: Rogon, Rinona and Sparacon.

Avoid the poison balls launched by 70132 Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger (RRP: £34.99)!
Scorm, King of Scorpions, has stolen some CHI and the other tribes are determined to get it back. But first they must avoid the massive poisonous claws and mouth of Scorm’s speedy tri-wheel Scorpion Stinger. Help the armoured tribal warriors Cragger and Laval to attack with their Scale Ripper and Shado Valious sword and steer clear of poison balls fired into their path. Beware of the Stinger’s flexible stinging tail jabbing down and escape with the CHI! Includes three minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Scorm, and Laval and Cragger in their new armor.



The fight heats up with the LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Legend Beasts. Take on the evil that is festering in the land of CHIMA™ with buildable beasts and minifigures. Releasing January 2014.

Unleash the magical LEGO® CHIMA™ 70123 Lion Legend Beast (RRP: £7.99) and ride away!
The magical Lion Legend Beast has been captured by Scorm, King of Scorpions. Rush to unleash it with Laval, using the magical CHI-powered Royal Valious sword and shield so that together they can ward off Scorm. Can Laval unleash the Lion Legend Beast and ride to freedom. Includes Laval minifigure with a weapon and accessory.

Fly high with the majestic LEGO® CHIMA™ 707124 Eagle Legend Beast (RRP: £7.99)!
Fly across the magical kingdom of CHIMA™ with Eris to the Outlands where the Legend Beasts have been captured. Use the CHIGlaxxor axe to keep Scorm, King of Scorpions, at bay and unleash the Eagle Legend Beast to help defeat him. Place Eris onto the flying Beast’s back and surge into the sky. Includes Eris minifigure with a weapon and accessory.

Escape on the back of the ferocious LEGO® CHIMA™ 70725 Gorilla Legend Beast (RRP: £7.99)!
The CHI waterfalls of Mount Cavora have run dry and the magical Legend Beasts must be unleashed to make them flow again. Power to the Outlands with Gorzan, jump onto the shoulders of the powerful Gorilla Legend Beast and escape. Swipe challengers out of the way with the CHI-powered Cudgellor hammer and mighty arms of the Gorilla Legend Beast. Includes Gorzan minifigure with a weapon and accessory.

Unleash the LEGO® CHIMA™ 70126 Crocodile Legend Beast (RRP: £7.99) with Cragger!
The other Legend Beasts have been trapped in the Outlands. Rush to their rescue with Cragger, clamber onto the back of the magical Crocodile Legend Beast and fight for victory. Fend off tribal opponents with the shield and CHI-powered Royal Vengious sword. Includes Cragger minifigure with a weapon and accessory.

Speed across the kingdom of CHIMA™ to unleash the magical LEGO® CHIMA™ 70127 Wolf Legend Beast (RRP: £7.99)! There is conflict in the once peaceful kingdom of CHIMA™ and the magical Legend Beasts have been captured in the Outlands. Send Worris on a quest to unleash the Wolf Legend Beast using his CHI-powered Derimous sword and shield to battle past rival tribes. Jump onto the powerful Beast’s back and make a rapid escape. Includes Worris minifigure with a weapon and accessory.


Build, rip and race to win the ferocious battle for CHI with LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Speedorz.

With all new obstacles, Speedorz and collectors cards, build them up and combine the sets to create the ultimate challenge and let the fight commence. Take on your friends in the battle to see who can race their way to the most CHI.

Pop the CHI from the tree with 70136 Banana Bash (£9.99)!
Race through the magical land of CHIMA™ and release the CHI orb from the tree in LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Speedorz™ Banana Bash. Attach Gorzan onto the gorilla Speedor, pull the rip cord and strike the tree stump to send the CHI tumbling. Attach the rocket-booster power-up for maximum impact. Compete against your friends to be the first to catch the CHI orb! Set includes Gorzan minifigure with new armour and two weapons plus gold gorilla Speedor, rip cord, tree with ejector function, power-up, CHI orb, six CHI crystals and five game cards. Put your reflexes and catching skills to the test with this game for two or more players.

Power up and leap high to hit the CHI pins with 70137 Bat Strike (RRP: £9.99)!
Venture into the caves of the wild outlands where the bats swoop in the darkness. Attach Blista onto the bat Speedor, pull the rip cord, jump over the giant bat and hit as many CHI pins as possible. Attach the power-up for maximum reach. Set includes Blista minifigure with armour and two weapons plus bat Speedor, two large bat wings, four small bat wings, rip cord, power-up, six CHI crystals and five game cards. Hit all the CHI pins to win or challenge your friends to see who can collect the most.

It’s a high-speed 70138 Web Dash (RRP: £9.99) to claim the spider’s CHI!
Charge through the spider caves of CHIMA™ and collect the CHI stuck in the huge toxic webs. Attach Sparratus onto the never-before-seen spider Speedor. Then pull the rip cord, take aim and knock over as many spider webs as you can. Attach the spider leg power-up for extra Speedor control. Includes Sparratus minifigure with armour and two weapons plus spider Speedor, bright green fangs, three spider webs, rip cord, power-up, six CHI crystals and five game cards. Put your skills to the test and challenge your friends in this game for one or more players.

Make a record-breaking leap in 70139 Sky Launch (RRP: £9.99)!
Launch over the giant canyon to win CHI in the Sky Launch Speedorz™ challenge! Attach Eris onto the golden eagle Speedor and pull the rip cord to jump through the gate, taking care to avoid the poisonous fangs. Attach the rocket-booster power-up for accurate jumping! Includes Eris minifigure with new armour and two weapons plus golden eagle Speedor, rip cord, rocket-booster power-up, Sky Launch gate, poisonous fangs, distance target, six CHI crystals and five game cards. Put your long-jumping skills to the test and challenge your friends in this game for one or more players.

Grab the CHI ring from the scorpion’s tail in 70140 Stinger Duel (RRP: £14.99)!
Journey deep inside the scorpion’s cave with Shadowind to snatch the CHI ring caught on the stinging scorpion’s tail. Attach Shadowind and Scolder to their Speedorz™, pull the rip cords and race to be first to take the ring. Attach the power-upz to take the duel to another level. Includes two minifigures with armour and four weapons: Shadowind and Scolder. Also features black lion Speedor, new scorpion Speedor with red fangs, scorpion tail, two rip cords, rocket-booster lion power-up, scorpion power-up, translucent CHI ring, 12 CHI crystals and 10 game cards. Put your skills to the test and challenge your friends in this game for two or more players.

Product release date: 1st March 2014

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  1. This all products are already in my country, Spain.
    They arrived this week, I was so excited when I saw them!!!!