Saturday, July 11, 2015

SDCC 2015: Ben's Adventures: Day 1

While I am no stranger to a good Con (I’ve always been fond of calling them “Nerd Proms”) this is my first at the now infamous San Diego Comic Con. My expectations: I was told it’s four times the size of NYCC. It’s crazy. It’s packed. So, it’s larger. Big deal. So, there are lots of people. Bring it. Bring me your Vaders and Hobbits, your huddled Disney princesses, yearning to be free!

Here’s something I learned early on: if you plan on attending SDCC don’t tell anyone. Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Otherwise you’ll receive emails, private messages, posts, calls, and texts from everyone you’ve ever met asking you to pick them up “this special thing” or “bring me back something for my kids.” To those of you doing the asking, here’s what you need to know: most of the stuff on sale at SDCC you can already get online or wherever, and the “special” stuff sells out rather quickly. To my friends reading this: dude, I totally looked and that place and that thing you wanted was totally sold out. It’s true.

So, my day began early, got an overpriced ticket on San Diego’s trolley headed for the Convention Center where I met my first cosplayer. I was riding the trolley with Superman. Have you ever ridden a trolley with Superman? I have. Burn. This guy was pretty cool and we talked for a bit, he had been camping out the night before for the purpose of getting into the renowned HALL H!!! Where fans wait in lines for hours and hours and hours to see a scoop or teaser or trailer as it is simultaneously leaked onto the interwebs. Superman had actually been camping out but had to leave in the middle of the night as the San Diego temperature dropped below Fortress of Solitude levels. Not so “super,” I thought, but thought it’d be best not to upset Superman so early in the morning.

One of my first tips on Hall H was, “Ben, don’t fucking go to Hall fucking H.” So, I asked Superman, “gosh, Superman, what’s the fucking urgency at Hall H?” He said that it was more about the experience and that it was akin to attending the energy in a midnight show. I kinda get it. There was indeed a difference for me between seeing the latest StarWars trailer immediately on my phone versus seeing on the big screen as a legitimate trailer with a theater full of like-minded nerds. That being said, fuck that Hall H stuff. Lines too long and there’s so much other stuff to see.

Thursday was pretty chill and you could actually move around a little bit. I hit the Marvel and DC areas pretty early on and was able to make a full circuit without that much difficulty, I got to see the Ash vs. Evil Dead event booth (read about there HERE), made it to the FX area located nearby that had experiences for The Strain and American Horror Story. I met Kiss and the cast of Scooby Doo—it’s totally a thing and it’s pretty rad...

 I was strangled by Darth Vader...

 and made Disney Princesses make ugly faces...

Oh, yeah, and it rained in San Diego last night. SDCC: Breaker of Droughts.

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