Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fantasia Film Festival 2015: It's Demons Vs Metal in "Deathgasm"

With San Diego Comic-Con coverage still rolling out and Sweet Suite coverage piled on top of that, it must be time for the Fantasia International Film Festival!!! Emilie Noetzel returns to her home turf to take in some movies, visit some old friends and defeat the undead. Sure why not. Take it Emi...

I arrived in Montreal at an ungodly early hour, thanking my good luck for having a great friend willing to pick me up at a time I'd normally want to be seeing nothing but the insides of my eyelids.  I haven't been to my hometown in 2 years, so I need to do many things and see many people while I'm here, but first, I'll recharge my social batteries with a friend and have some excellent food.

After a lengthy visit, I took care of a few things and took a 2 minutes nap. Oops, I mean 3+ hours nap. This lead to a mad rush to get to the Hall theater to go see "Deathgasm", a heavy metal horror film from New Zealand. Due to my accidental extended nap, there was no time for diner, so a small popcorn and a water bottle would have to tide me over. Once seated at the very last minute, I was ready to take it all in.

The movie was introduced by Mitch Davis (Fantasia's Director of Programming), Kier-La Janisse (Author of Satanic Panic), and Thor...ROCK GOD. Thor stars in a documentary about his life, aptly titled "I Am Thor", playing on the 19th, and now that I've heard the man speak, I'll make sure to see it. He is passionate about his metal to say the least. It was a fitting warm up for the feature presentation...

Do you like heavy metal? Yeah! So you like gore? Yeah! What about Dungeons and Dragons?  Umm... Then Deathgasm is for you! It's loud... it's gory... it's fun. A new student in town creates a band called Deathgasm, along with the local bad boy and a couple of nerds. After they obtain sheet music for the most brutal, most metal song of all, they play it as best they can and unwittingly unleash demons! Do these evil creatures promise fame and fortune? Sadly, no, but possession is on the menu. From this point, all hell breaks loose (pun intended) and the real fun starts.

Demons possess a large part of the town's populace and Deathgasm are the only ones stepping up to save them...and themselves. The carnage is relentless and overflowing with the red stuff. Most of the special effects looked to be practical, with little CGI involved which made it that much more satisfying to
this gorehound. Deathgasm is the kind of movie where, after watching, you call up 10 friends and plan a party. It must be shared by all...preferably with alcohol.

Plans for Day 2:  Fruit shopping (yeah!) and screenings of We Are Still Here and I Am Thor at 2015 Fantasia International Film Festival. Keep watching for more coverage and thanks to the festival for access!

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