Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Funko Does the Time Warp with Rocky Horror Picture Show Pops!

OK everyone, take out your checklist. Has Funko now tackled every awesome geeky thing in the pop culture universe and turned them into adorable Pop! Vinyl Figures? Hmm..nope..still some stuff missing. The A-Team...Buckaroo Banzai...Clash of the Titans...Darkwing Duck...yea still plenty of ground to cover. Cary On! Today, Funko gets that much closer to Geek-World domination with the reveal of Rocky Horror Picture Show Pop! figures. Oh man. There's a need. And it is a mighty need.

Coming this September! The illustrious cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show arrives in Pop! form just in-time for the film’s 40th anniversary! The set includes helpless newlyweds Brad Majors and Janet Weiss,   ringleader Dr. Frank-n-furter, and his servant, Riff Raff! The lineup for one of the best-known cult classic films wouldn’t be complete without Columbia the groupie and Magenta the domestic.

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