Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SDCC 2015: Mattel's Exclusive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Figure Set

THE TIME IS NOW!!! The countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2015 has ended and preview night quickly approaches, ready to collide with the hordes of toy fans rushing in to be the first to buy up exclusive collectibles from their favorite companies. Mattel stands at the ready with the premiere action figure set from the much anticipated Warner Bros. DC Comics super hero mega battle; Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Mattel was kind enough to send one of these figure sets over so we could break out the warring titans and check them out from every angle. Let's see what we've got...

As expected, Mattel put a few bells and whistles into their action figure packaging. Pressing the button on the front activates lights and sounds simulating a lightning strike. Seconds later, a Bat-signal illuminates behind Superman, followed by a heat ray sound accompanying a red glowing S behind Batman. Each stays illuminated for a moment before flickering and shutting down. It's subtle but effective! The packaging itself is striking with copper accents, the dynamic Batman V Superman symbol at the back surrounded by scarring and the backdrop of the set itself suggesting a rooftop meeting high above a city. Check out the action features!

The figures are fairly posable, though somewhat lacking in the articulation we've become accustomed to with "collector" figures meant for adults. This set gives us a unique opportunity to pour over the costume details for the new film, so long as we are sure Mattel followed Warner Bros designs to the letter. My guess is yes, as there is more texture here than there has ever been, at least in Batman's suit. Even his cowl has texture! I'm instantly reminded of how we thought the Amazing Spider-Man costume made the character look like a high tech basketball from those first high res images, so I'm reserving my head scratching for additional footage and images. Superman/ Henry Cavill's likeness is pretty great. I don't own his Man of Steel action figure so I can't compare the two to see if they used the same head and parts. I suspect it might be one of those figures, as he and Batman have different articulation (most notably the ab-crunch on Batman). Batman's facial likeness is going to come down to personal preference. I can see why people were saying the sculpt was soft, and maybe it's in the way the eyes were painted, but i'm not sure what else could be done here to equal a "likeness". Poutier lips? 5'oclock shadow? No idea. What we get in both figures is more of a product for kids to play with, perhaps with a little extra detail than other offering's that are billed as strictly for younger hands. As a complete package, tough, is where the set really shines. Forget the tiny little batarangs waiting to be tossed by Batfleck and the dual symbol base with pegs waiting for feet holes (which sounds kinds dirty in hindsight). THE THING LIGHTS UP!! Why would you want to interrupt all that fun?! Here's the eye candy...

Mattel will be making this set available at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and on soon after.

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  1. What is the large toy at the very bottom?

  2. In the last image. Who is against Superman? What is that robot?

    1. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Proto Bat-Bot. I altered the red lines and gave him a Kryptonite power source.

    2. Ahhh. OK. I thought it was a spoiler for the film and see a robot confronting Superman. haha

    3. That would be Lex Luthor's Armor