Thursday, July 16, 2015

SDCC 2015: An Army in Pastel Colors: My Little Pony Marches On

We sent Ben over to Hasbro to discover the wonders that come in 100 pastel colors in the worlds of My Little Pony. I asked how that went. He replied "I'm an Apple Jack man, I think." Good choice. Let's dive head first into the ocean of product Hasbro is putting out well into 2016...

So what can you tell me about what’s new in the world of My Little Pony?
Sure! Here are some of the things new we’re launching this year, this is our new Friendship is Magic collection that’s launching this fall it’s a great way for fans of all ages to engage with the brand in a whole new way. Its leveraging our 1 ½” scale figure and really brings to life the world of Equestria. So every season we’ll be launching a new location and we’re launching with Sweet Apple Acres this year, celebrating Apple Jack, the whole Apple family and friends. And as you buy across the line, across every price point, it enables you to recreate the whole world of Sweet Apple Acres.


Are these going to be in sets? Can you tell me about the set pieces here?
Every item you see here on one of these cylindrical bases, that’s a different price point, each is a different purchase, so this one here is our Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, it comes with Flim, and that’s a $9.99 suggested retail. Secondly, in the back behind that we have the Apple Cider Stand with Apple Jack, that’s another SRP for $9.99, so in each of those packs you’d get all of these accessories and that character.

These are the $2.99 figure packs. Each of these figures is the same scale as our Blind Bag figures  but they come with removable accessories, so all of their hats are removable, some have little removable parts of their outfit, and then the barn in the back is our Sweet Apple Acres Barn with a suggest retail of $20 and with that comes Granny Smith and all the other accessories you see there. It’s a really great new way to engage with the brand!

The other big news for us is that starting July 30 we’ll be celebrating Friendship Day globally. So we’re inviting fans around the world to participate  in celebrating Friendship Day and we have a partnership with Generation On across the globe.

What’s Generation On?
Generation On is a youth service organization and we’re inviting consumers to come together to support their communities with different friendship service projects. So, there will be more to come on that on July 30!

What about the Equestria Girls?
Equestria Girls will be launching a new Friendship Games movie that’s coming out later this year and you can see a lot of the new product that’s launching to support that there. So, these are the new Fall products for Equestria Girls this Fall that will bring to life the Wondercolts and the Shadwobolts storytelling, basically they’re competing in the Friendship Games across a number of different sports activities.

Are there any specific Friendship events that Hasbro is sponsoring on July 30?
In partnership with Generation On there will be different activities that users through the digital interface that we’ll be launching can sign up to do different community service projects inspired by the main six.

Anything new on the horizon? What are you working on and what can we expect in the future?
There’s a lot . This is our newest full segment that we’re launching this Fall, in this case over here, you will see we have some new playset formats that we’re launching this year, one of them is Rarities Booktique. It’s a great new way to play, it’s a playset that folds up, all the accessories that come with it and the rarity figure that comes with it fits inside and you can carry it with you. And we call it the “booktique” as you can see it has two pages that when you move the pages it creates a different play area for the girl that aligns right back with the storytelling and the entertainment. That’s a new format for us and then our big Canterlot Castle is over here.

Yeah, tell me about this castle!
We’ll be launching this Fall and it comes with Princess Celestia and Spike and this is the only place in the line where you can get a figure version of Spike. It comes with over 40 accessories and I should say that every product in the line that is launching this fall will come with a new code (these codes are located on the leg of the figures) so every figure has a different code and we launched an app about a month ago and every product in the Fall line, when you download the app and scan that code it will download that character in the app. This will be available for both Equestria Girls and My Little Pony!

And here's a quick look at what's to come...


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