Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Preview of the Batman: Bad Blood Animated Movie

Hot on the heels of Justice League: Gods and Monsters, releasing July 28th (Click HERE for a review from San Diego Comic-Con 2015!), and among a new series of somewhat kidified, straight to DVD Batman Unlimited adventures, comes Batman: Bad Blood, bringing together a larger Bat-Family to unravel the greatest mystery of all...WHERE IS BATMAN??!!

The usual suspects have returned with Producer James Tucker, Director Jay Oliva and Creative Director of Animation Mike Carlin laying down the newest chapter in the Batman animated films. This is very much a story about family. A villain known as Heretic begins taking over Gotham's underworld, plunging Batman into the middle of all out war. At the climax of an epic battle, Batman goes missing and Batwoman is the last to see him. Damian has been spending time at a monastery getting his mind right (or some such...does anyone NOT hate this kid??!!) and returns upon news of Batman's disappearance. He would take his rightful place as heir to the Bat-mantle, but he's still just a young boy, so Nightwing is called home to step in and carry on like nothing has happened. Of course the two butt heads, but they need each other, so it is a tenuous team-up. With "family" united, the hunt for Batman is on.

Batwoman is a relative outsider, but since her investigation crosses paths with Nightwing's, he suggests they join forces. Her use of guns was frowned upon by Batman, as well as her tactics, so there may be some bonding between her and Damian..unless 2 loose cannons cancel each other out? Or..explode? We'll soon see. Rounding out the team is Batwing AKA Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, returned from one war and anxious to make a real difference in the battleground of Gotham's city streets. He had already suspected his father's ties to Batman and before long, he dons a suit of high tech armor and becomes Batwing.

Meanwhile, Heretic has continued his consolidation of power and gathered a cadre of villains that never would have stood a chance against Batman on their own. Firefly, Killer Moth, Mad Hatter and Executioner are just four of the rogues banned together into a nearly unstoppable army destined to clash with this united Bat-family.

Director Jay Oliva describes the film as a tense, action packed, James Bond-esque murder mystery with car chases and widespread destruction the likes of which we usually only see in Warner Bros. live action films. Quick flashes allude to the usual, somewhat adult tone of these straight to DVD and Blu-ray Animated Feature Films with bloodshed and death not shied away from. With the emphasis taken off of Damian for the first time in a LONG time, looks like we might have a Bat-film DC Comics fans will celebrate!

Batman: Bad Blood stars Jason O'Mara as Batman, Sean Maher as Nightwing, Yvonne Strahovski as Batwoman, Stuart Allen as Damian Wayne, Ernie Hudson as Lucius Fox and Gaius Charles as Luke Fox.
Look for it Fall of 2015!

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