Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SDCC 2015: In Orbit Around Comic-Con

Three hours til the doors open and everybody loses their damn minds. Yes, folks, it's San Diego Comic-Con time again and we've got Emilie Noetzel, Ben Delloiacono and Hailey Mordah on the ground ready to take the show by the neck and several other masculine, military type remarks. YEA!!! KICK ITS ASS!! Click on my awesome crew to follow them on Twitter and Instagram as they run the nerd maze, cross items off their work lists and cary out 25 ultra challenging challenges I've given them to complete during the show. The winner gets fame, geeky things, adventure...all the things a Jedi does not crave, but we do because we are needy. Let's take one last run around the outside of Comic-Con before all the damn dirty apes show up and mess up our shots...


One thing we noticed this year, the crews set things up a lot later than usual. This could be coupled with the absence of several companies from the show this year as evidence to the scaling back of Comic-Con. If this keeps up, within 5 years, Comic-Con might be about comics again!

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