Monday, July 27, 2015

The Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice

I'd heard rumors. While hunting down the Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of DOOM and coming up short as the mythical creature seemed to only exist online and not on any shelf of any store anywhere, I expressed my frustrations to PR reps for Mattel who agreed I should get one to play with (which we did..and that should always be the answer to my frustrations) and then remarked "And the Hall of Justice is pretty awesome too!!" Wait...Hall of Justice? Upon returning home, I immediately took to the internet and found nothing....until 2 days ago!! Not only did we find awesome new pictures of the Imaginext Hall of Justice, but apparently, THERE ARE CARTOONS TO GO WITH THE WHOLE SERIES!! Prepare to waste your day in the best possible way...

First..the plastics...

 OK so it's not exactly on-cartoon-model like the Hall of Doom is, but it still looks fun. I just don't think many collectors will be picking this one up as a backdrop for Justice League Unlimited figures. Note to Mattel, Make these playsets look like the locations in the classic or modern DCU cartoons we know and love and you will sell thousands more of them!! Collectors still lust after that flimsy build-a-backdrop made for the Young Justice figure line, but prices keep most away. Have your Imaginext sets double as set pieces for your older figure lines and you've got GOLD JERRY!!!

And now..the animations...

So what else does Imaginext have going on these days, How about a giant bone skeleton with glowing eyes??!! Check out the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex, complete with tiny little cannibals to create your own lil Green Inferno diorama. Adorable.

 That bad boy is hitting stores right....meow.

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  1. Has the Hall of Justice been released in the U.S.? I can't find it anywhere...any idea of a release date?