Thursday, July 9, 2015

SDCC 2015: Doin Time With Ash and the Evil Dead

Starz is generating plenty of buzz with their upcoming Ash vs the Evil Dead TV show, and there was no better place to promote it than San Diego Comic-Con, where oceans of primitive screw heads are eager to scream HAIL TO THE KING to the chin himself, Bruce Campbell! Ben Delloiacono spotted Ash's camper on the show floor and hopped in line to check things out...

The line and demand for the new Starz show was pretty evident as it was capped soon after I claimed my spot. The entrance to this mini-event is the outside of Ash's trailer... which is a bit run down. It would appear that since the last movie, Ash has been working out (punching bag in the living room) and prepping for the apocalypse with plenty of booze and great tunes. When I entered the trailer, Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box" blared in my direction, so we can infer this will be a philosophical show. As Ash fights the Deadites he will still be just a man in a box. Wow, that's deep. Perhaps, despite all his rage, he's also just a rat in a cage? Aside from the choice rock beats pumping, there were plenty of cassettes nearby to choose from; a hidden gem among them being a double album of West Side Story and Cabaret. This is clearly an open window to the soul of the show! West Side Story which would imply a tale of tragic love between Ash and The Deadite queen... and Cabaret which implies everyone will die by the end of the show... well, everyone dies at the end of WSS as well... ok, so everyone dies! That's the show!

Ash had a workshop in his trailer with a chainsaw and boom stick ready to go. This is all leading up to the horrors of...THE BATHROOM... where you stare in a mirror and a Deadite pops out at you! This was pretty boss. It's a whole lot of fun but a pretty long wait for something rather quick. (Ben just learned a valuable lesson about SDCC)

Show up to Ash's trailer at Booth #4029 dressed as Ash, and you get VIP access and no waiting. You also get a pretty awesome Ash vs Evil Dead bag, no matter what you're wearing.

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