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SDCC 2015: Hailey's Adventures: Day 2 - Celeb Sightings, Cosplay Rescue & THE SHAME WOMAN!

Hailey Mordah is one of our lead photographers, dropped in the thick of things to shoot those tiny little plastic people we obsess over all year. We never have to worry about pushing our "YOU MUST HAVE FUN" mandate on her, as she runs through Comic-Con like a 10 year seasoned vet and knows where all the good stuff will be, leaving time for ADVENTURE!! We dive into Hailey's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Day 2 report with Teen Wolf sightings, cosplayer rescue and the SHAME woman who won Comic-Con in the eyes of all...

Friday was pretty exciting for me! (Even though I missed the Game of Thrones panel lol) A few of my highlights vary from my favorite cosplays to celebrity sightings to adventures after comic con. 

Some of my favorite cosplays of the day were the notorious Space Balls gang. Yaaasss! Another group was a few characters from Game of Thrones! My favorite was an older gal dressed as the woman who escorted Cersei during her walk of shame. As she walked through the convention center she rang bells and shouted SHAME!...SHAME! Oh my god it was the best.

S H A M E . #Msswan  vs.  #gameofthrones  .
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As I was walking around the floor I came across the FX booth doing a meet and greet for the Mtv show Teen Wolf. Not a show I would particularly watch, but I just might after Tyler Posey and I made eye contact as he smiled and waved at me! *swooon* After a few minutes of the rush at FX, I took my lunch break and headed upstairs to find a place to relax. I sat next to a girl who was totally freaking out to a friend on the phone over the Teen Wolf signing. Apparently, she'd met Tyler Posey last year and he remembered her and gave her his bottle of Sprite and signed it. I thought it was hilarious, a girl fangirling over a half drunk bottle of sprite that I'm sure she'll never throw away haha.

note: Low res photos due to super quick camera phone shooting

Before I headed back to the main floor I actually made friends with a cosplayer! I didn't catch what he was dressed as, but he was having some costume difficulties with his cape. I used a button I'd snagged from a booth as a safety pin to hold it together. He was so nice! Little shoutout to blue cape dude lol.

Later, I swung back to FX to check out yet another signing, this time for the cast of Archer! Shot a couple photos and I was satisfied.

Before I headed out to leave, another signing I came across was for The Walking Dead! It was almost impossible to actually get close enough to see anyone because Walking Dead fans are almost, if not worse, than actual walkers! Eeekkk! But still very exciting of course.

That evening I went to go see a comedy show at Balboa Theater for Bo Burnham for his Comic-Con special. If you haven't seen his show "What" on Netflix you really need to! Day 2 of comic con: success!

Here are some more highlights from Hailey's day...

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