Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SDCC 2015: San Diego Comic-Con Taking Shape

As we jump on that final stretch of track leading up to the biggest geekapalooza on the planet, work crews are buzzing around the convention center transforming this corner of town into a landscape of odd structures, infinite banners advertising TV and movies and giant building sized posters promoting the same. Hell, even the trolley is wrapped with adverts! Let's take a look around the outside of Comic-Con with our awesome photographer Emilie Noetzel to see how things are shaping up...

Here's the trolley that rolls right past the con center wrapped for "Scream Queens"

 The Marriott wrapped for "The Last Ship" and Conan O'Brien's Comic-Con Invasion

Fox's "Minority Report" overseeing the parking decks

"The Strain" infecting The Hilton

Mysterious tents and a familiar Muppet in the distance...

...and THERE'S the rest of The Muppets gang!

Those Muppets get around!

 This was the scene on Sunday...pretty quiet and surprisingly low key. Seems like all crews are waiting til the zero hour to get everything posted and set up! There was even a mandate from the con itself that any outlet posting pictures from inside the con center before the show starts will get their press creds pulled. Not sure why all the secrecy is necessary, but we aren't going to question the rules of hosts who are generally awesome to us every year.

Lots more to come!!

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