Friday, January 15, 2010

15 Second Reviews: Book of Eli and Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk:: Marvel brings tales for the ubergeek straight to DVD and doesn't pull any punches! Aliens get squashed, pummeled and ripped apart, stadiums fill with easter eggs for the die hards, infected alien monsters attack their families and in the middle of it all, HULK SMASH!! Watch the ultimate Hulk tale and grin like a dork through every second of it.

Book of Eli:: One man walks the wasteland, kicking ass on a hair trigger, all to protect a book that is the last of it's kind. Gary Oldman provides his best baddie since The Professional with Denzel taking him on with awesome badassedness. Sure, it's formulaic, but extremely fun, super slick, beautiful to watch and moves with expert precision.

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