Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEW Marvel Select Cyclops and War Machine Pics

One of the most powerful members the X-Men have ever known, Cyclops' ruby quartz lenses hold back Scott Summers' raw solar energy and allow the leader of the X-Men to control his optic blasts. This seven-inch Marvel Select release features the mutant in his most famous classic look and features an interchangeable unmasked head, multiple points of articulation and a Danger Room base for the ultimate X-Men display! Variant X-Factor Cyclops will be released at the same time. Price: $19.99 Release date: 6/30/10

The build-up for next year's sure-fire hit begins here with the only full-size action figures based on the stunning Iron Man 2 designs! Exclusively available in the 7" Marvel Select line, this upgraded War Machine features the likeness of Iron Man 2's Don Cheadle, top-quality sculpted detail from Gentle Giant Studios, multiple points of articulation and a bonus deluxe Armor Assembly Station base. Perfect for six-to-seven-inch action figure collections, look for the companion Iron Man figure in last month's Previews!

Note: Final sculpt will be revealed in February 2010 at the American International Toy Fair. Price: $19.99 Release Date: 3/3/10

CLICK HERE for previous pics of Cyclops and his Danger Room base.

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