Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japanese Tease a New AT-AT

The boys and girls on the Star Wars boards have been buzzing, but since I don't have time to dig through what's been written so far, I'll throw this bit of info into the ring, courtesy of a bad babblefish translation...

With complete new modelling, from present AT-AT enlargement!

 To random the speech in the play (English), the sound gimmick internal organs where action sound sounds. The [supida] motorcycle which belongs inside the rear hatch receipt possibility. When the substance frame side cover is opened and the cable arm for embarkation is pulled out, the scene of embarkation and drop of the character can be reproduced.

 There is an issue gimmick in the blaster which is the nose. Using the rope of hatch opening and closing and the lower part hatch internal organs of substance lower part, at - AT sudden attack scene of [ruku] in the play reappearance possibility!

 AT-AT driver figure 1 body attachment. It is possible to place the figure of 6 bodies in the head cockpit. MSRP $150 Available in June.

6 figures in the head makes this one HUGE!! Do I NEED another AT-AT?! Maybeee

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