Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MORE GYLLENHAAL!! Prince of Persia Toys from McFarlane

When we last presented the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie toy line (CLICK HERE TO DRINK IT IN) to the female loins of the planet, our pictures were small and ill equipped to satiate their lust for the man called Jake. Now we've got some NEW pictures that will cause you to scratch at the monitor. For the guys, maybe not so much. At any rate, the likeness seems excellent, and that's always a good place to start! Here's hoping McFarlane shows the rest of the toy making world what an awesome likeness can do for toy sales in this day and age...because I'm just not seeing it most other places lately. To the left we have the 6 inch Warrior Dastan action figure ($12.99). Below is the The Alumut City Gate playset in scale with the 4" action figure line. Recreate key action sequence from the movie with a spring loaded catapult, falling rock slide, working gate, hidden escape stairs, viper pit, a special Dastan figure and more! ($22.99) We also have the 4 inch Warrior Dastan and Double Bladed Halberd Hassansin (Ghazab). Note that these are all still prototype pics. Finished pieces may look different. Click the pics to enlarge!

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