Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who's Ready for Indiana Jones Part 5?!

I just had a new blurb cross my desk from Bang Media which MAY have been citing an article from Empire. They didn't credit them properly, so I can't be sure. In it, Harrison Ford says he'd be up for a 5th installment if they can get it done quickly, as death is chasing him.

"If we find a script and develop a story in less than the 18 years it took to make the last one, if I'm still alive, I'll make myself available."

He also went on to say how he loves acting and could never do the same thing every day. Roles he has yet to tackle are a Woman and a Fish, so he'd like to play a female fish "just because of the costume." Han's still got it.

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  1. Considering how fucking awful the last one was, like the STAR WARS films, potentially sucking enjoyment from the original trio, I hope this one doesn't happen. I can't believe I would actively not want to see another Indiana Jones film, but there you go.


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