Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Iron Man 2 Details Revealed Through Diamond Select's Minimates

The movie is still a lifetime away (for the die hard Marvel fan, that is), but Diamond Select got the green light to show off their Minimate designs for Iron Man 2, which reveal a lot more than you would expect them to be able to! ..or not at all if the designs aren't in the movie...which might be the case. Anyway, here's the precious plastic news. Click on any of the pics to super size...

Due in stores this March, two new assortments of Minimates are sure to thrill fans of all ages!

While one particular high-flying armor-clad character will remain hidden until the March release date, we can now reveal the full contents of our upcoming Marvel Minimates Series 35 Assortment and Iron Man 2 Single Pack Minimates Display. Rounding out the cast of Series 35 is the high-tech army builder paired with Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan - Hammer Industries' Hammer Drone! Glimpsed only briefly in the Iron Man 2 trailer, not much is known about the Hammer Drones - except that Iron Man and War Machine will apparently square off against an entire squad of them at some point during the film.

The biggest reveal comes in the form of our Iron Man 2 Single Pack Minimates Display, a special set of individually boxed Iron Man 2 Minimates limited to only 500 cases. This set was under complete lockdown, however now we can reveal the full contents!

Each display will include 12 individually packaged Iron Man 2 Minimates, including:

Air Assault Drone
Ground Assault Drone
Sea Assault Drone
Tactical Assault Drone

Styled after the four branches of the US Military, exact how these high-powered armors will come to exist and what their creation means for Iron Man remains to be seen - but we can't wait to find out!

Plus limited short-packs found in every case featuring:
Battle Damaged Hammer Drone
Justin Hammer

Retailers can still order this limited set as part of their January 2010 Previews orders, so if you want these Iron Man 2 exclusives to become a part of your collection make sure you let them know before it's too late! Marvel Minimates Series 35 includes Iron Man & Whiplash, Iron Man & War Machine, the high-tech mystery army-builder & Pepper Potts, plus the limited variant Happy Hogan! Each two-inch Minimate features 14 points of articulation plus removable and interchangeable parts.

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